Announcing Tetra

Announcing Tetra

Today we’re proud to unveil Tetra, a new semi-decentralized peer-to-peer exchange with an emphasis on security and usability. Our focus on business enablement using our platform will aid in powering the cryptocurrency economy. Tetra will help create the next wave of cryptocoin adoption which will benefit all cryptocurrency users from investors to traders to businesses.

Cryptocurrency Adoption

We believe that cryptocurrencies can truly become alternate world-currencies but first we need to address the sharp edges that exist today in the ecosystem. In order to penetrate the massive potential user base in the world, cryptocurrency needs to become more forgiving and easier to use. Simplicity is at odds with cryptocurrency as a whole as it was born from complex ideas, the products and ideas that have risen from it contain the residue of that complexity. However with expertise in user interface design and an emphasis on usability and lightweight abstractions the Tetra app and web platform will create a simple experience for users. The user will no longer need to be exposed to the implementation details of cryptocurrencies and can accomplish their goals without scouring search engines trying to understand what a “smart contract” is or what public key cryptography entails. This approach will enable a new generation of users to enter the cryptocurrency space and with that bring new investors, new clients for dapps and crypto-based businesses, and in general make a great stride towards mainstream adoption that will enable the positioning of cryptocurrencies as true world-currencies.

Legally Sound

The sending and receiving of money is a regulated affair. Governments across the world have created agencies and laws to ensure that money is legally trading hands as well as protecting the people involved, and although cryptocurrency solves a wealth of problems it does not completely liberate us from the need of such rigors. More importantly these agencies are now diving into the cryptocurrency ecosystem and handing out serious punishment to individuals who may have done nothing wrong but were simply trading on platforms that put the burden of legalities on their users. Tetra understands the importance of practices like KYC and has devoted the resources necessary to implement these processes properly. Users will be able to trade safely with the comfort of knowing that due diligence has been enacted to protect them from potential repercussions. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our verified trading system will shield users and create a worry-free marketplace for the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. However if users choose to trade in an anonymous way we of course still support these workflows just as well as our KYC enabled workflows.

Unparalleled Security

There’s no shortage of hacks occurring in the ecosystem. Tetra - like cryptocurrency itself - is enamored with cryptography and will use the latest standards in all areas to ensure your data and trades are safe and encrypted where possible. We use a multisig escrow process which protects your funds even from Tetra itself, this means you authorize the movement of your money and coins, not us. We’re developing automation around these approaches that can interact with the Tetra app to help provide incredibly secure and worry-free trading. It is simply not possible for an attacker to relieve Tetra of funds by breaching our servers since we do not have control over your private keys and therefore neither does the hacker.

Business Conscious

At the heart of any powerful economy are the businesses that drive it forward. Tetra caters to businesses and professionals by giving them powerful tools to enable their growth and presence. From analytics to your own Tetra-hosted web presence portals you will be able to utilize cryptocurrencies like never before to meet your business goals. The features outlined so far culminate to satisfy business needs; by ensuring customers have a completely secure, legally safe, and easy to use platform Tetra will allow businesses to thrive in an otherwise hostile environment. Use the Tetra platform to trade using an expanding list of coins without having to integrate your systems into a different platform for each coin you want to support - anything that Tetra supports is automatically enabled for your business and you can begin to obtain customers who are using those coins.

In closing, Tetra is a cryptocurrency enabler. Created to dissolve known problems in the ecosystem and empower businesses. We will be part of the charge to bring crypto to mainstream audiences and put a coin in the wallet of every person on the globe.